We are committed to consciously review and improve our processes to ensure that all our pieces are produced in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. 

Our sustainability goals extend beyond our supply chain, and we have consciously examined all our daily business practices with this in mind. We strive to work hard towards becoming a zero waste operation. This includes our shipping methods, stock storage, and how we ship your orders to you.

The apparel industry contributes a vast amount of unnecessary waste, so we have intentionally focused on sustainable and recyclable packaging. This includes our thank you card, hang tags, sticker, mailing satchel and FSC certified tissue paper. Our canvas bag is designed to be reused - for toys, toiletries, lingerie, travel essentials - the sky is the limit. 

We have worked hard to prevent easily avoidable waste, so our packaging is home compostable or can be put straight into your recycling bin if you do not have access to a compost bin. 

We have sourced the best quality of cotton and materials so we can provide you with longer lasting and better washing pieces. Our garments and accessories are not disposable, and are designed to be worn over and over again, be cherished and loved thoroughly, and then passed down to little siblings or little friends. 

We have also established a partnership with AirRobe, which is the easiest way to re-sell, rent, or recycle your beloved Elari pieces. 

By eliminating needless waste and working to create a circular fashion economy, we believe in creating a better world for our children.