Our Artisans

Formerly known as “Toille” (our founder’s daughter’s name backwards), our label’s humble roots are in Sydney, Australia. After hand embroidering hundreds upon hundreds of jumpers and blankets in the dead of the night, Elari has grown from a one-woman-show run from our founder’s dining table, to include a wonderful team of beautiful artisans exceptionally skilled in their craft. 

Our hand embroidery is now completed by a small, family run team of mothers based in Portugal. Our expert craftswomen have been perfecting their craft for over 15 years. Your hand crafted pieces are stitched with with love and care, personalised just for you. Each stitch is made with a mother and grandmother’s love. Our pieces emphasises the beauty of hand crafted imperfections. Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind, celebrating the value of true craftsmanship. 

Our products are designed in Sydney, Australia, and made in the Zhejiang region of China. Our producers continue to pass their China Quality Certification Inspections and adhere to the standard regulations of ISO9001. We have developed close relationships with our manufacturing partners in China to ensure that our workers are taken care of. This means: no child labour, no forced work environments, fair compensation, including overtime and holiday pay, and safe working conditions.