Introducing a more sustainable way to shop your most coveted items, thanks to our partnership with AirRobe. 

With just a tap, you can now add your Elari pieces straight to your AirRobe to make them instantly available to resell, rent or recycle once you’re done loving them. 

Shop with confidence and wear those special pieces you’ve always wanted, before giving them a second life. Let your clothes live on. Better for the planet, better for your budget! 


Discover how you can re-sell, rent, or recycle your Elari pieces in just a few easy steps with AirRobe x Elari. Watch now!

  1. Browse through our gorgeous pieces on Elari and select favourites that you know you’ll love.
  2. Add them to very own Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe with just one click.
  3. If you didn't 'Add to AirRobe' on the product page, you will still have a chance to add all items in your bag at checkout. 
  4. Once you complete your purchase, all eligible items will be ready for you in your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe.
  5. Simply click through from your order confirmation to activate your new account, or via the welcome email from AirRobe.
  6. After you've loved and worn your items, you can easily resell, rent or recycle them on AirRobe's marketplace in just one click.A